Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jap Style Marche - Awesome!

Having read about Shokudo all over the press, I of course have to try it. :) I love trying new places to dine, so this was a great option for lunch.

Raffles City is really upping the ante with their retail and culinary options - lots of new boutiques and restaurants have opened. Even J Co, the famous donuts from Indonesia have opened, stealing their business from The Donut Factory! ( haha..... ) I'm seeing how long this donut craze will last.

Anyway, when I stepped into Shokudo, its pretty overwhelming - lots of food options! I thought it was quite a good idea to have it Jap style, as lots of Singaporeans like Jap food, and Jap food has great variety.

A brief summary of the food options available: Jap style omelette, Jap style pizza, Bamboo rice, Omu rice, Noodles (Ramen + Cha Soba), Teppanyaki, Shabushabu, Oden (Jap style Yong Tau Foo), and of course Jap Rice ( Jap curry and rice bowls )

too many! I tried Mushroom & Cheese Omelette - YUMMY. they cooked the omelette with 2 layers. The first layer with the fillings, and cover it with another layer of egg. The finished product is topped with fish flakes, mayo and jap sauce. The taste - thick soft eggy goodness that's absolutely delish. I think im going to try it at home. hehe

Ramen next! The ramen is ok... soup base is normal, average ( nothing much to say about ramen cos the best Ramen ever is at Gallery Hotel. I think its very hard to compete with the ramen there )

my rice bowl - Shokudo Grilled Chicken & Egg Rice Bowl. Awesome too! The grilled chicken is sweet, tasty, and the rice is sticky and authentically Japanese. This rice bowl came with a different style of serving - its egg is barely cooked - so i just mashed it all up with my rice and chicken. good good good.

Other things I must try when I'm back - the Jap burger, Jap Pizza, curry rice & Teppanyaki.

Price wise - very reasonable, avg of 5-7 bucks per dish.

try it try it!

The Way I Are - Timbaland - shakes shakes shakes

great song!!!! I love hip hop & Rnb music - gets you into a groove and you just feel like dancing.

watched step up 2 the streets and they danced to this song - made me think of how much I like this song. so here you go, the video! :)

Laughter is Seriously the Best Medicine

I'm trying out this therapy now - which is... laughing! haha...:):)

Well, i'm schooling part time and working fulltime, thus can get tiring, stressful, and you just feel so. jaded.

With the effects of stress comes many many other terrible symptoms like acne, over eating etc etc.. which is just terrible and totally unhealthy!

so - i was talking to my boyfriend, and i said - I need to laugh more! ( Though I laugh alot already ). and we came up with this... he'd tickle me as many times a day as he can, and as many times as I can take it. hahahhahha..

HEY it was Great!!!!!! Of course its not those pin you down on the bed and tickle you till you die kind, but it was a short tickle in the ribs, laugh laugh laugh, and stop. After each tickle, I always felt a level of endorphins rushing through me, and I actually breathe better and feel more alert.

So then i came home, and did some research - Laughing is really good! It helps reduce stress ( that obvious ), helps lower blood pressure, heart diseases, and its a great form of exercise. So.. im going to continue my laughter therapy - seriously, try it! :):)

Friday, March 14, 2008

Horton! - Cute, funny, meaningful. :)

Hortonnnnnn! Watched it today - great movie!

Well, its basically about Horton an elephant, who heard voices from a speck - this speck is actually a planet with people living in the land of Hoover ville. Horton is striving to save this planet, by placing this speck in a safe spot - so that it is free from disturbances lest Hoover Ville gets destroyed.

In the midst of every heroic journey, there is a definite evil character - in this case it is Mother Kangaroo, who does not believe what Horton says and blames him for putting imagination in the kid's minds. She tries to stop him in umpteen ways, and fortunately, she was unsuccessful.

Moral of the story: A person is a person - no matter how small. This made alot of sense, especially when Horton said " Someone else may be looking Planet Earth and thinking, "They are so small" "

All in all, it was a really heartwarming movie which is funny, meaningful and very very very cute. Themes of love, unselfishness and helpfulness shines through here - which shows why Dr Seuss is great with children's book - he inculcates the proper values into growing children when their imagination and learning power is like a sponge.

Sometimes I think adults should read children's books too - we get too carried away sometimes with worldly matters ( wealth, power, etc etc ) and a simple book can remind us of what really matters - friendship & unconditional love.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Durian Madness!! I love Durian!!

OH MY GOD. I just found out Goodwood Park has just launched their Durian Fiesta this year.

I have to tell you how much i love durian - both its fruit and its desserts.

I first fell in love with Puteri Mas's very awesome durian puffs, and quoting from Friends, they "taste like little drops of heaven". Just speaking of it makes me crave for it. Puteri Mas does not just offer great durian puffs. They added a twist to a traditional kueh and came up with Durian Ambom - soft coconuty kueh with a rich lump of pulp in the middle. I remembered coming out of a horrible job interview and ate 6 of these amboms at one go, and I felt good immediately after. hee.

Enough of Puteri Mas, I can go on and on. I just want to bring attention to these lovely lovely desserts that Goodwood Park hotel has came up with this year! The Durian & Brownie Chocolate Cup and the Durian Oreo Cake just looks so TEMPTING and DELICIOUS!!

Durian Oreo Cake & Durian and Brownie Chocolate Cup

I've tried Goodwood Park's durian puffs, and found them lacking in flavour to Puteri Mas's. BUT! Their durian crumble is to die for. You can eat them plain, or the one with Hazelnut - both are awesome. I think Goodwood is good for their durian improvisation, to produce these classy desserts and cater to the tastes of the slightly more "atas" people.

I am definitely heading down to Goodwood to try these desserts out - :) Just the thought puts a smile on my face :) :) :)

Sigh - if only durian is low-fat, non-heaty and very healthy. Then i can eat them everyday................ but then again, eating too much of a good thing isnt good eh?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

What does Sandra Oh and Eva Mendes use? Kate Somerville!

my sister who is currently staying in the UK has this habit of sending things she purchased online from US sites to Singapore ( by Vpost ), and then I'd send it over to her -- this is our way of cheating on the exorbitant sales tax she gets!

anyway - both me and her are crazy over skincare, and in the US Kate Somerville products are very popular and sought after by celebrities and apparently very effective.

I had the chance to try them on since my sister bought them - sent over to me - and by a stroke of luck ( for products that are liquid or cream, can only be sent via sea which takes approx 2 mths -- so we decided to forget it and i'd keep it. ) i got a chance to use them!

I'd slowly review the products, since i've just started and i cant bear to exhaust my supply that fast. =P

ok i wanna talk about Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair with Peptide Moisturiser

Another habit of mine - i like to check out this site for product reviews cos they have SO many reviews there! check it out - you'd be overwhelmed. Besides, you wanna ensure you do not buy a lousy product - you definitely would wanna know if it might be good or bad.

this product is one of Kate Somerville's star - and i think it certainly does what it claims to do - reduce wrinkles, puts a glow to your skin, reduces blemishes & acne scars and more. so makeup alley rated this product 4.5, and 90% of users said they'd buy it again! upon reading this i immediately jumped at trying it.

and hey! its really good! I'm sceptical of moisturisers cos they tend to get too oily for my skin -- causing larger pores, more breakouts which are very saddening - however for this, its rich to the touch yet non-oily ( and i mean ZERO oiliness ) after applying. which is great! the next morning, i did not wake up with oily skin, my scars seem to have faded a little ( just a little...... ) and the most important thing is - i did not have extra breakouts. In fact, one up and coming pimple even subsided. so yay!

if you are interested in trying this product out, it costs US$150 though - very ex! so i recommend you trying other cheaper products she has, and request for a sample of this cream.

and and.. :) sandra oh, eva mendes and molly sims uses it.

Sandra Oh and Eva Mendes

check out

check out the product directly here Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair with Peptide

Friday, February 29, 2008

On a diet? Do Yogurt!

whenever i felt that i've overeaten and it is time for a detox, i'd start counting my calories ( not like i do not count it everyday ) haha..

so at least if i've gained weight, i know its cos i overeat? i hate it when i gain weight and do not know why!!

anyway, for a girl, its best to have 1800 calories a day ( for a girl with normal activitity ). if you wanna lose weight, just eat less than that - i'd recommend between 1200 - 1400 calories. Since you consume 400 less calories a day, you'd lose approx 1/2- 1 kg of fats in a month!

so let me recommend one great food that can aid you in your diets -- Yogurt! Marigold Non-fat Yogurt. comes in many flavours - blueberry, mixed berry, strawberry, aloe vera & peach mango, they all taste great. and heres the best part ---- its only approx 120 calories per pack, with very little or no fat at all! how great is that?

yogurt helps digestion, helps prevent osteoporosis cos of the calcium inside, and is filling ( so you wont overeat ). if you think its too boring and plain to eat it alone, mixed in with some crushed digestive biscuits, or cereal and there you have it ( your very own home-made delicacy that's fit for a queen to eat.

so this weekend, i'm really looking forward to my detox diet - consisting of some healthy foods like apples, bananas, yogurt, milk, cereal + one indulgent - muffin from Delifrance cos the muffins are just so cheap and good.